Thursday, July 24, 2014

One Month Mark July 24, 2014

Family and Friends and people who like to read my emails that don't particularly care for me,

Tomorrow will be my one month mark. As slow as the days feel in this place, the weeks just fly by. In 10 days I will be getting on a plane to start my 23 month journey in Mexico. It's pretty exciting besides the fact that I won't be able to understand anyone for the first little while. I can't wait to meet real investigators with real struggles and share the gospel with them. The MTC has turned out to be a great experience. As much as I wish I could leave I wish I had more time to keep learning more Spanish!

This week has been pretty busy, I have been teaching about three lessons a day, and we are doing pretty well. My companion is one of the coolest guys I know and acts just like my friends back home so we are having a blast! On monday we got to Skype a member in Mexico and share a small spiritual message. As we were teaching, her children were running around. As I was bearing my testimony I just hear this little boy bust up laughing. Yes, he was laughing at my Spanish, and yes he was only 7 years old. After that me and my companion couldn't stop laughing, so the rest of the lesson wasn't very spiritual, but it was hilarious! Mi espanol es no bueno, pero y se que el donde languas es real!

Sunday was an eventful day. Me and Elder Christensen had to teach district meeting, which is in English so it's not too big of a deal! then one thing we do for sacrament meeting here is that everyone is supposed to prepare a talk, and then they choose someone to speak, but they don't tell you who is speaking until right before you have to stand up so you pretty much have to come prepared every Sunday. Of course I was the Elder that was picked to speak, and gave my first talk in Spanish! Luckily I was prepared, and everything went well!

Sorry for the lame stories, there just isn't many exciting things that happen in the MTC. I want to write, and tell you something awesome that happened, but nothing awesome ever happens here!!!

Final thing for this week. You get a lot of time to study here, and during that study time I found out that the Book of Mormon is way cooler than I thought it was!!! I would encourage you to read it. There are pretty cool stories in there that can help build and strengthen your faith. I don't expect you to believe me, but I do expect you to read for yourself. El Libro de Mormon is Verdadero. yes, my two spanish sentences in this email are all I know. Have a great week, and keep thinking about me when you pass golf courses! Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Hirsch

I have survived the MTC in Camp 4, they didn't even make us 
shave our heads, and we got to keep our own clothes!

The Zone at the Temple

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