Monday, August 11, 2014

First week in Mexico August 11, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
A lot has happened this week! I would love to tell you about it but I didn't understand anything that was happening because it was all in Spanish. We flew in on Monday night and spent the night in the mission home. Then had a little orientation thing in the morning and then met our companions and headed out to the mission field!
My new companion is Elder Salgado he is from Honduras and speaks worse English than I do Spanish. It is nearly impossible for us to communicate so I just end up following him around all day, and trying to understand a few words that the people say. Lets just say that Mexican Spanish is a thousand times faster than MTC Spanish! I am picking up more and more words everyday. Starting to understand people but talking is a different story.
The area I am serving in is El Oro. Its about as far west as my mission gets. It was terrible lugging around my 3 suitcases for 4 hours worth of bus rides. It is what they call a pueblo. El Oro is the main city then there are a bunch of little places around it where people live. We cover about 6 of these little towns around El Oro. We are on buses all the time and taking taxis, and of course a tonnnnn of walking. For your perspective it is like walking 54 holes a day at Promontory! It's nuts! But the walking doesn't bother me!
The apartment I live in is just about as gross as it gets. I feel uncomfortable all the time, but I am starting to get used to it. It's also freezing here. There is no such thing as heaters, and the apartment gets really cold because of the cement walls. It rains every day here. Rainy season is not a joke! For those who have yet to leave I highly recommend the Ecco boots, they have been treating me well!
Quick Story. So we were at this house and there was a woman manhandling a turkey next to a huge boiling pot of water. I thought that they were going to drop it in there live but they were just joking with me. Then they said they were going to kill it so I asked if I could do the honors. One of the children handed me a knife, and they held out the turkey like I was just supposed to chop it's head off. I was pumped! Then just as I was about to do it, everyone there started laughing. I was soo bummed. Its pretty popular here for the people to play jokes and make fun of the white kid that can't speak Spanish. They all think it is hilarious to say HOW ARE YOU in English!
Anyways, other than that story I had no idea what happened this week. Spanish still drives me crazy, but I will get it before its time to come home. I love and miss all of you. Have a great week, and remember to be an example to those around you, and don't forget to love everyone for no reason!

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