Monday, March 28, 2016

March 21th & March 28th First Week In Toluca


My first week in Toluca went really well! I am loving it here and its looking like we are going to have a lot of success. The bishop here is great and he loves the missionaries so it makes things really nice when it comes to the mission work! We have been working really hard and just giving it all we have. We both have such short time left that we are leaving it all on the field. We are going to have success or we are going to die trying!

We had a few new people come to church this week and we are hoping that we will have a baptism this weekend but we are going to have to see how things play out. Elder Olvera and I are getting along really well. We both have very different personalities but at the end of the day we make a pretty good companionship.

We havent had anything too impressive happen this week but we are working on it. I do like the área a lot, and I think things will go a little better than they did in Lerma. I am loving the mission and I am going to keep working hard.


This week went extremely well. We worked about as hard as I have ever worked as a missionary and it finally payed off! We brought 9 investigators to church today and they all seem like really good people. Yesterday was the first time they had been to church so we are excited to see how their progress goes.

We also baptized yesterday!!! We baptized a woman named Elena. She is a great woman, that we have been working with for the 2 weeks that I have been here. She is an investigator that Elder Olvera found with his old companion, and she had been to church a couple times before, but in these last two weeks she has changed completely! She is a really good person and has been doing her best to understand the gospel but all week she has been saying that she still isnt ready to be baptized and that she wanted to wait a while before she made her decisions, but this whole week we went by to visit her and we had really spiritual lessons. We helped her understand that she was ready and by Friday she made her decision to be baptized! It was a great experience to see her progress and to see her make such a great decision!

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