Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 A Great Week!


This week went really well. We really decided to buckle down and just give it all we had this week, and it really payed off for us. We have found a ton of great people to teach and a couple of families that are interested in learning more. We were really excited all week and we were positive that we were going to have around 10 investigators in church yesterday, but things didnt work out. Only 3 people ended up coming so that was probably the biggest bummer of the week, but this next week should go really well.

Last week we went to church, and this less active kid, who is about 20 years old came to church and he invited his girlfriend (Susana) to come with him, and she isnt a member of the church so we talked to her and set up an appointment to go visit her on Saturday (2 days ago) When we got to her house her 2 sisters and her mom were there with her as well. We taught the whole family and it went great. Towards the end of the lesson the dad showed up and asked us a few questions and just joined the lesson. We then invited all of them to come to church yesterday, and they all agreed. They were super excited because they have been going through a hard time as a family and that they needed some direction in their lives. We were really excited for the family. Mainly for Susana because she was the most excited.

Then Sunday hit and they didnt show up..... We called them after church and they said that they had some problems in the morning and couldnt make it to the church in time. We then had a chance to talk with Susana and her boyfriend alone. Susana told us that her parents werent completely convinced and that they didnt know if they wanted to go to church or not, but she then said out of nowhere. "I know my family isnt ready yet, but I want to start the process to be able to get baptized" !!!!!! We invited her to get baptized on the 31st of January and she accepted the date!!! 

Here is the best part. Right after that the whole family got home and we just started talking with all of them. Well about 10 minutes later. Susana looks at us and says "I havent told my family what I told you guys" We were confused and didnt know what she was talking about, but then she looks at the whole family and says "I have decided to be baptized on the 31st of January and I am changing my religion" !!!!! The whole room went silent and her dad looked like he had received a dagar in his heart. I think it was silent for about 2 minutes which felt like an eternity! The dad they respected her decision even though he wasnt too thrilled. We then invited the whole family to baptism and they said they want to keep investigating and they will see what happens in the next couple of weeks!

It was an awesome story! Susana is awesome, and she is really excited to be baptized! She still barely knows anything about the church but she is ready for whatever comes.

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