Monday, July 13, 2015

Be your Best July 13, 2013

Family and others who seem to care,

This week in Mexico has gone really well. The work has gone really good and we are working really hard to find more investigators. We should be having a lot of success in the next few weeks. Starting off with Juan Bosco who has a baptism date for Sunday!

We found Juan Bosco about a month ago. We were in the street contacting people and we contacted a woman. She was really nice but wasnt at all interested in what we had to say. As always we asked her if she knew of anyone close by that we could go and visit. She said she works in a house of a family that is very catholic and that they won't want to hear us, but we could check with her boss, Jorge. Well we went and knocked on Jorges door and Juan Bosco answered. He said that his brother, Jorge, wasn't home. We then started talking to him about the church and asked if we could share our message of the restored gospel with him. He told us that he was really busy and that he doesn't have time for this kind of stuff, but we used a little bit of strategy with him and said it would only take 10 minutes. He said "If it's only ten minutes come on in!" Since that day we have been visiting him regularly and he has been reading the book of Mormon. Since day one he has accepted everything that we have taught him and on Sunday he will be getting baptized! 

We have some other really good investigators that are progressing and looking forward to these next few weeks! Thank you for all of your love and support. Have a great week. 

Be Your Best

Elder Hirsch

Keltons new child Elder Reyes

Juan Bosco Baptism

Great Day!!!

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